Yaoified Love


YaoiCon! like  stepping into a manga. Why had Rory Lewis waited so long to join this  friendly, fun-loving group, cosplaying their favorite fictional  characters, or browsing tons of merchandise? He’d finally found his  people! Folks who didn’t run away when he gushed about his favorite  Japanese authors, or look at him oddly for mentioning “Seme” or “Uke.”  And the scantily-clad bishōnen aching to serve made the convention as  close to Heaven as Rory might ever get.

Running into a fantasy  come to life, and watching confident Kyle Austin lose his clothing piece  by piece in Bishie Bingo, fries Rory’s brain. He runs. Even worse than  not seeing how far Kyle would go, Rory’s lost his chance to make a  once-in-a-lifetime connection.

A pushy best friend, Facebook, and Skype conspire to give Rory a second chance. Can life echo his favorite boy-love romance?


Yaoified Love  is my gift to readers who want to explore something new. I usually  write in a more yaoified style so I thought I'd share a story that  begins at YaoiCon. YaoiCon is a convention that takes places each Fall  in San Francisco. Bishie Boys, artists, writers, readers and publishers  meet and share their fascination of yaoi. One of the reasons I found m/m  romance was through Yamane Ayano, who penned the Viewfinder series. I  was so overwhelmed I traveled from China to go to my 1st YaoiCon to met  her in 2010. It was a highlight but the convention was like walking in a  living yaoi... to be with so many incredible people who loved yaoi as  much as me >>>I was hooked. Yaoified Love is my way of sharing my love of yaoi and YaoiCon with you.

I hope you enjoy the story!

Many Hugs, Z.