Happy Holidays


What do erotic sex toys and Hanukkah have to do with each other?

Absolutely  nothing unless you’re a member of the famous rock band The Dark Angels  and the shy but kinky Robin gives gifts that guarantee to spice up the  holidays!

Each couple makes the most of these unique gifts, blending love and orgasmic fun to REALLY celebrate the holidays.

Happy Holidays Excerpt


(The  band is meeting via Skype to open Hanukkah presents… each present  reveals a little more about the couple and their relationship. This is a  snippet from Chapter 3, and it is NOT work safe.)

Chapter 3

“Where’s  Ang?” Dusty asked as he searched Dare’s section of the computer screen.  Why the hell was Dare scrunched down in the desk chair at such a  strange angle? Skype was working fine, because Josh and Robin part of  the screen wasn’t askew.

Dare slapped the desk and opened his  eyes. He slid his fingers across the table to grip the edge of the desk.  “He’s here. Um, oh God he’s here.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Dusty couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
Dare slammed closed his eyes and pressed his lips together. “Mphf! He’s here.” Darius’s voice stopped on a broken moan.

On the computer screen, Dusty observed Josh leaning in close. Did he think it would help him determine what was going on?

Robin pulled Josh away from the screen, pressed his lips together, and giggled.
What  the hell? Oh for fuck’s sake! Dusty wiped a hand over his face, slumped  back in his chair, and folded his arms over his chest. Angel had no  decorum whatsoever. “Jesus. Really?”

Groaning, Darius pursed his lips as if he could stop the grunts from escaping. Was his seat on fire?

Smirking, Josh asked, “So, is he coming soon?” He rolled the word coming out of his mouth.

Darius  blinked hard, as if he were trying to focus on the question. He huffed a  breath in and out of his mouth to capture some air, which appeared to  be a nearly impossible task for the blond. “Yeah, soon. Coming soon.”

Dusty  was positive Dare wasn’t aware or even cared about how he sounded. His  chin fell onto his chest as he whispered something that his computer mic  didn’t pick up. Dare let his head fall back. His hand went under the  desk, but the way his arm was rising and falling made it clear to Dusty  what was happening.

“So, how soon. Dare?” Justin asked as if he  were innocent. When Dusty shot him a warning look, his lover shrugged.  “What? I’m just asking when he’ll be coming.”

Damn, The Dark  Angels had corrupted his lover. Justin traced his fingers up and down  Dusty’s thigh, reminding him of all the pleasure those fingers were  capable of providing. Mmmm, he wasn’t stupid enough to complain about  Justin’s depravity, of which Dusty was the sole focus.

Robin’s musical laugh joined Justin’s mischievous one.

A loud moan interrupted Dare’s sharp inhale. His knuckles were white as he death gripped the desk. “Soon. Soon. Oh, God. Now!”

“Come  on. Damn it, Angel!” Hurry up so we can open the presents and use them.  Last night’s chocolate sauce was a success. He and Justin had polished  off the jar. He was a bit nauseous, but Justin’s satisfaction was worth  the discomfort.

Darius collapsed back in the chair, roaring  Angel’s name. His forearm muscles tightened, hinting that he held his  lover’s mouth against him as he squirmed. He exhaled a strangled,  “Ahhhh”!

“Finally! Now can we do the presents?” Dusty barked out to keep a straight face.

Darius  turned bright red as the desk chair he was on was rolled back. Angel  emerged from the bottom of the screen, wiping the back of his hand  across his mouth. He turned to the screen with an arched eyebrow, as if  the bastard dared Dusty to say something smart assed to him.

“Come  here, baby.” Angel lifted an apparently boneless Darius into his arms  and turned to sit in the chair. Everyone stared with open mouths as if  they didn’t know Dusty’s best friend was a pervert.

“What?” Angel finally asked.

Dusty covered his face. He sighed. “Nothing, Ang.”

Josh wasn’t so tolerant. “You couldn’t wait?”

Smirking, Ang shook his head. “We had a bet.”

“Which was?” No doubt Dusty would regret his inquisitiveness.

Angel kissed Darius’s face. “That I could make my baby orgasm while he was on Skype with you jackasses.”

Darius  sheepishly grinned at the computer camera. For God’s sake, he appeared  too satisfied to feel any shame,and he didn’t have on any pants. Angel  has corrupted Dare. “I lost.”
Dusty rolled his eyes. Lost? “It seems to be a win-win bet for both of you.”

Snorting, the guitar player shrugged. “Yeah, it was a bet that losing didn’t entail any negative consequences.”

“So, what’s your forfeit?” Justin asked.

“I get to use whatever the present is on Angel.” Darius’ face held a dreamy relaxed quality as he stared up at the asshole.

Josh clapped his hands together and rubbed them. “Oh, really? Well, okay then!”

“What?”  Angel sat up and glanced over at the present bag at the corner of their  section of screen. Ah, finally. Good to see Angel a tad worried.

Dusty watched Josh, waiting for the entertainment to unfold.

Turning  to Robin, Josh must have gotten the go ahead, because he told them what  present was next. “Well, I think it’s time to open the long, thin,  white package, my friends.”

Yes! Dusty reached in the bag  immediately and spoke over Josh’s impression of a cackling loon. “Ang,  you’re in trouble this time.”

Still sitting in Angel’s lap, Darius unwrapped, and then snapped the riding chop against the desk.

“Ang, you feeling okay? You appear a bit pale.” Dusty chortled.

Darius  jumped up to pull on his shorts. Damn, that was a view Dusty could’ve  done without. The next thing the guy did was priceless. He slapped the  side of Angel’s ass with the riding crop.

“Up. I lost the bet.” Dare’s eyes sparkled as he winked at the screen.
Hee hee! Go Dare!

“No. Ow! Fuck, Dare!” Angel whined as Darius slapped his thigh with the crop. “This doesn’t seem fair, if I won the bet.”

Dusty whooped out loud. Darius’s grin screamed that Angel was in a bind.
“Dusty, help me!” Ang stared at the screen.

Laughing harder, Dusty ponied up a suggestion. “Buck up and enjoy your winnings, Ang.”