Contemporary Romance

The Librarian's Rake

Contemporary Romance, Bad boy, shy librarian

Opposites might attract, but is acting on that attraction wise?

Sexperienced  hairdresser Phillip is more of a believer in happy endings than happily  ever afters. Experience has taught him not to hope for more— until he  meets sweet, vulnerable Tristan the librarian, who seems genuinely interested in his  heart. But Phillip can’t trust enough to see himself as a man Tristan  might want for more than a night.

With the help of a pair of  matchmaking grandfathers, Tristan and Phillip might and the courage to  step beyond their comfort zones and discover what has been missing from  their lives....

Yaoified Love


YaoiCon! like  stepping into a manga. Why had Rory Lewis waited so long to join this  friendly, fun-loving group, cosplaying their favorite fictional  characters, or browsing tons of merchandise? He’d finally found his  people! Folks who didn’t run away when he gushed about his favorite  Japanese authors, or look at him oddly for mentioning “Seme” or “Uke.”  And the scantily-clad bishonen aching to serve made the convention as  close to Heaven as Rory might ever get.

A pushy best friend, Facebook, and Skype conspire to give Rory a second chance. Can life echo his favorite boy-love romance?