Made in China

The Great Wall


Destiny will be decided by a battle between heart and mind….

Jun  Tai “Styx” Wong loves two things: playing the drums and his best  friend, Jin. But being a good Chinese son means he can’t have  either—he’ll have to marry a girl of his parents’ choosing and settle  into a traditional job. 

When  given a second chance at life and happiness, will Styx be able to claim  the future he wants with Jin, his bandmates, and his music? Can love  and hope grow with the constantly looming threat of Styx’s parents  ordering him home? Great things await—if Styx finds the courage to break  down the wall that stands between him and everything he wants.

The Temple of Heaven


Music is Tian Di’s life and his love, and he’s made plenty of  sacrifices. His career is finally taking off with his band, Made in  China, and he’ll continue to put music first… until he meets Jordon.  Then insta-lust becomes insta-love and a commitment to the future—no  matter how difficult it might be.

Jordon lives in a bubble constructed by his overprotective older  brothers, who are so controlling that they’ve kept him from dating. A  talented artist, Jordon managed to keep his success with a Japanese  manga publisher a secret from his family, but now he fears discovery.  It’s easier to let his brothers handle everything, but Jordon has  reached his limit. He’s ready to draw some boundaries so he can be his  own man and face all the challenges that come with that.

Their families and careers aren’t the only obstacles. Jordon must  accept his identity as a gay man who doesn’t top or bottom. Fortunately,  Tian Di—and his special talents—help Jordon open up to his sexuality in  an erotic adventure that spans Japan and China, and with love, luck,  hard work, and open minds, will end in a happily ever after.

The Dark Angels

With Wings


The  lights go down and stage lights up. The Dark Angels have arrived. With  his come-hither voice and body made for sin, lead singer Angel Luv draws  lovers like a magnet. And when he caresses and taunts shy guitarist  Darius Stone on stage, well…it’s an act, right? But every touch lights a  fire, and every flirtatious glance chips away at Dare’s certainty that  he’s straight. No one else has so captured his imagination.

Temptation  beckons. It’s hard not to notice the want in Dare’s eyes, the way he  stares when he thinks Angel’s not watching. One wrong move might scare  him away, but a work trip to exotic Bali might be the perfect place to  let Dare explore his sexuality, with none to be the wiser. But their  “friends with benefits” pact has an expiration date, that just might  sour their friendship.

Tied Together


Josh has  loved Robin since the day they met, although he never dared to follow  his heart. After the two are kicked out of their house, a night of  despair turns into a night of discovery, forever changing them both. One  taste of his dream leaves Josh hungry for more, but Robin’s fear of  abandonment forces him to pull back, denying them both.

Their  fortunes changed. Josh and Robin are now in the limelight with legendary  megaband The Dark Angels, but Robin is still the scared little boy  inside the rock star who isn't convinced he won't be left behind. He  clings tightly to the word "brother" because stepbrothers can't leave,  right?

There's only one way for Josh to prove to Robin, now and forever, that the love tying them together can never be broken.

Finally Fallen


What’s  the use of being a rock legend if you have no one to share the fame and  fortune with? Not that Dusty Davis is looking. He’s content taking care  of himself, his bandmates, and his rambunctious younger brothers.

And  while the rest of The Dark Angels are happily paired with men, Dusty  can’t be gay. A night in a club brings him face to face with the woman  of his dreams. J is articulate, well-read, witty, and smart. How could  Dusty not finally fall?

J  didn’t mean to deceive Dusty; he introduced himself as Justin, after  all. He didn’t realize the drummer heard, “Justine” and missed the other  cues. Dusty’s declarations of love sounded too good to be true. After  all, who could possibly want someone as broken as Justin?

But the heart wants what the heart wants, and love knows no gender.

Happy Holdiays


What do erotic sex toys and Hanukkah have to do with each other?

Absolutely  nothing unless you’re a member of the famous rock band The Dark Angels  and the shy but kinky Robin gives gifts that guarantee to spice up the  holidays!

Each couple makes the most of these unique gifts, blending love and orgasmic fun to REALLY celebrate the holidays.

Rocking Thin Ice

Work in Progress