Tied Together


Josh has  loved Robin since the day they met, although he never dared to follow  his heart. After the two are kicked out of their house, a night of  despair turns into a night of discovery, forever changing them both. One  taste of his dream leaves Josh hungry for more, but Robin’s fear of  abandonment forces him to pull back, denying them both.

Their  fortunes changed. Josh and Robin are now in the limelight with legendary  megaband The Dark Angels, but Robin is still the scared little boy  inside the rock star who isn't convinced he won't be left behind. He  clings tightly to the word "brother" because stepbrothers can't leave,  right?

There's only one way for Josh to prove to Robin, now and forever, that the love tying them together can never be broken.


Chapter 1

The  reverberations of guitar strings echoed through Robin and Josh’s  apartment. It was a usual evening. After dinner they began to work on  music for Robin’s most recent lyrics. Robin Strider’s heart stretched as  he drank in Josh’s concentration on the chords to get the sound  perfect.

Robin  was skilled at denying his need for Josh, but tonight his craving  refused burial. He trembled as he held himself stiff. If he didn’t move  he’d be okay.

He  st

ared as Josh’s fingers erotically danced over the strings. Robin was  reminded of how they teased, caressed and satisfied him. He pushed off  the blanked he’d had on his lap. It was far too hot for the extra layer.

Robin  just needed to focus on their music. It wasn’t right to have these  feelings for his brother… his stepbrother… his… Josh. His…

Josh  glanced up from his guitar intensifying Robin’s need as the last of the  strings’ vibrations opened up a desire in him. His heart raced and he  couldn’t control his breathing. Damn, a look of understanding passed  between them.

Grasping at straws, Robin asked, “Um, do you want something to eat?”

Josh set his guitar aside and growled. “Is that a trick question?”

They shouldn’t do this… not again. Robin jumped up and his notebook of lyrics hit the floor.

He bent to retrieve the spiral pages but Josh slid to his knees in front of Robin. Oh, God.

Time  slowed down. Josh reached up to undo Robin’s jeans. His expression  dared Robin to tell him to stop. Robin should discontinue this, he  should… His will power evaporated.

“Josh.” Robin needed to halt. Josh would give him anything except the strength to end this encounter.

Josh  wrapped his hand around Robin’s cock to free him from the tight fabric.  Josh’s eyes locked on his as he asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

No.  No. God, no don’t ever stop. Josh’s breath caressed Robin’s cock. He  might die if Josh didn’t continue, but Robin shouldn’t let this happen.  He shouldn’t risk losing everything they were for something that could  end.

But  for all Robin’s good intentions, the words wouldn’t come out of his  mouth. No, he needed Josh in this way more than he needed air. He shook  his head and watched Josh make his cock disappear again and again.

Robin  wrapped his fingers into Josh’s light brown hair to glide that inferno  of a mouth up and down his shaft. God, yes. It had been weeks since  their last encounter. He’d held out, but now took all the love and  connection he found in Josh’s eyes.

He  was too keyed up and his body wouldn’t postpone its race toward  completion. Within a minute, Robin grunted out his pleasure and filled  Josh’s mouth. He tried to catch his breath, though when he saw Josh  fisting his own cock all thoughts of calm fled.

Robin  dropped to his knees. He pushed Josh’s hand away and replaced it with  his mouth. He moaned around Josh as he sucked him down to the root and  swallowed.

Yes.  This is where Robin belonged. He bobbed his head a few times, but all  too soon Josh’s seed spurted into his mouth and down his throat. He  sucked and swallowed and gloried in the fact that he’d pleased Josh.  Mmmm.

As  soon as he pulled his lips off Josh, Robin’s inner voice started in.  Was the pleasure worth the gamble to possibly lose him? Are you that  much of a slut that you don’t care if you chase him away?

He wanted to scream to stop the voice… but he couldn’t so he’d do what he’d always done.

He stood up and righted his clothing. “So, do you want a sandwich?”

Josh  didn’t say anything, but the hurt etched into his face ripped at Robin.  Robin turned away and hurried into the kitchen, racking his brain for  something to say.

“Um, do you want to watch one of our shows you DVR’ed?” Please answer me and help get us back to normal.

“Sure, Robin. Whatever you want.”

The reply was a little lackluster, but relief swamped Robin.